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Like a Well-Trained Hunting Dog,
You Found Us!

Click on the chart below to learn more about the different categories the pet industry serves and our approach to each one. Not a visual learner? No sweat! Scroll further to learn Our Philosophies in each category.

Our Philosophies

Whether you’ve made your decision or are still searching for the right fit, we want you to know our philosophies in all of these major categories of pet care. We hope you’ll find that we’re like a well trained dog — We answer when called and know all the coolest tricks!

Meet & Greet with Manager and Walker

Is there any other way?! We feel that the bond between your pet services provider should be just as strong as your bond with your pet. If you haven’t met the location manager or the walker performing the service how can you fully know what to expect? Just as important is meeting your pet before service begins is a must. You may have the sweetest and most lovable dog around but it’s important that we get to meet you and your pet prior to service. You just never know when Fluffy might decide that he just doesn’t like that one off person. We feel so strongly about the initial Meet and Greet that we offer it for FREE so you can make the decision with full confidence that you’ve chosen the right pet sitter. So why order a walker via an app? You got us!

Employed Staff (W2)

At Nashville Dog Walkers we take care of our employees by giving them W2 status meaning our team of walkers are entitled to workmans comp if they are injured while on the job, can take advantage of unemployment if they can no longer work, and legally must be paid for everything they do. NDW operates under policies and procedures that are provided in an employee handbook and during training. We may not be as cheap as the independents or next door neighbors but we believe you’ll find the service you will receive is worth it. We recommend that no matter which company you reach out to to make sure to ask about how they treat their walkers. Having the appropriate relationship truly does matter and we’re proud to employ our team!

Bonded and Insured

Oh yes! We often hear “make sure to ask if they are bonded and insured” which often results in a ‘yes’ from the company and an ‘ok, moving on’ from the client but what does it really mean to be bonded and insured? In short it means the company holds insurance. It also means that the company makes payments to a surety company for protection by a bond. Not all companies are insured and bonded for the proper amounts either. NDW holds a 2 million dollar liability policy and $50,000 bond policy. It is more typical of the industry to hold $1 million and $10,000, respectively.

Walkers Receive Training

An absolute must! Each NDW walker goes through a phone screen, in-person interview, general background check, reference checks and one-on-one training with a manager and lead trainer. Oversight is severely limited with independent contractors in comparison to employees. Contractors may save the company money but pay attention as this also speaks to the level of training and management the walker receives. Most contractors don’t receive any training simply because legally they can’t and it also holds the company liable for when an issue arrises due to poor training.


Gone are the days of the pen and paper system. We provide GPS tracking so you know we left the house and where we went with your pet. You’ll also receive email notifications when we arrive and leave giving you the peace-of-mind you need when it comes to care for your pet as well as the accountability you look for in a pet services company.

Local Presence

You can’t put a price on local. Local means building a relationship with the manager and staff. Local means walking through a physical door to speak to a human or talking directly to a manager on the phone. Local means not needing to be put on hold for the “next available representative.” Local is customer service with a personal touch. Nashville Dog Walkers IS local.

Email / App Notifications

Why should you even have to wait until you get home to know how things went with your pet? When everything these days comes with an app (or at least an email or texting service) there should be no reason to sit in suspense. If there is any concern about how your pet is doing you’ll know right away. In addition, if there is any concern about the job being done as expected you’ll be able to check your phone or email to see when we’ve arrived or when we left.

Online Scheduling

You’ve got a busy schedule and a lot of the time it’s just easier to hop online to get what you need. At Nashville Dog Walkers you can manage your schedule via your own account online or from your phone. Just log-in from your computer or download our mobile app and start managing your schedule with a few clicks or taps. Crave human interaction? Feel free to call us too! There’s always a friendly NDW manager ready to help.

On-Demand Service

A perk of working with a team of employees is knowing that if your dedicated walker is on vacation that you have a team of other walkers that have been background checked and trained 1-on-1 with a manager or dedicated staff trainer. If your dedicated walker is out sick, on vacation or runs into car troubles, Nashville Dog Walkers can send a backup walker that you can trust!

365 Day Availability

Life has a way of never stopping and that is exactly why we’re here! Whether it is big life event, travel plans or a major holiday, we have an army of walkers ready to help you through life’s busiest times, 365 days a year.

Emergency Backup

Do you have a plan B if your current walker or sitter falls through? If you’re not sure definitely find out. If we ever have to send a different walker you’ll know that they’re always vetted by an NDW team member. Always available management team to offer support during an emergency. There is an endless list of challenges that may prevent a walker from staying on schedule – problems like access to buildings and homes with troublesome keys and locks, aggressive pets, sick pets, injuries, car troubles and more. A direct line to management is crucial to the teams success. Your Plan B is now Plan NDW!

Time Tracking

With Nashville Dog Walkers your account will provide an end of visit summary (also emailed to you) which will include:
• scan in time
• scan out time
•total duration of visit
You’ll easily be able to see if you are getting what we said we would provide. If you’re shopping around be sure to ask how time is tracked and how schedules are managed.”

Account Management Software

Our software is managed by both the company and client and ensures that a walker can see a pets profile so they can perform their job safely and responsibly. This also means it’s done the right way based on the client needs every time, even when your dedicated walker can’t be there.

Length of Walk

At Nashville Dog Walkers we provide 25 minute visits on average. We feel this is an appropriate amount of time to give your pet the exercise and attention they deserve while holding a more realistic approach to scheduling. Other companies say 30 minutes or “approximately.” We say how do you build in travel time and what does approximately even mean?! Maybe I’ll get 20 but maybe ill get 30? With NDW you know exactly what you’re getting.

Average Price

We've built a pricing structure that is simple, easy to understand and still highly competitive. We care deeply about the love and exercise a pet can get while you're away. We make this easier by offering one simple weekday rate, and a outside of regular weekday business hours rate. Care during the day should be simple, affordable and trustworthy and we aim to make that easy for the working types and family types who need help taking care of their pet. Our price range is $18-$23 depending on frequency and time of visit. Have more than one pet? It's just $3 for each additional pet!

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